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Cookie Jam Ratings

Overall the game is good. But it losing 1 star from me since there are too many hard and extreme level. I understand that you want this game to be more challenging but if a player had to repeat the same level more than several times plus with a lot of hard level and addition to it the extreme level. Cookie Jam Ratings

Cookie Jam Level 2001 to 2100

This game totally distracts me from everything going on the world. This game consumes my time in a good…..no wonderful way. I enjoy his game with its fun challenging levels.

Cookie Jam Level 2101 to 2200

Cookie Jam App

Have a great time playing this. Sometimes i slide right through and other times i have a tough time, but thats the excitement. Great game.

Cookie Jam Level 2201 to 2300

If you like Match 3, this one is perfectly serviceable. They all start to look alike, and this one won’t stand out from the 900 others on the Google Play store. Everything works smoothly, and I haven’t come across any bugs so far.

Cookie Jam Level 2301 to 2400

Cookie Jam Ratings – Better Than Candy Crush Hands Down. 👍 So much fun & has gotten better over the years. I like that the programmers made fun the priority over money. it seems that way to me. I haven’t had to buy any power ups or lives since they introduced the reward system for coming back daily. So many give aways.

Cookie Jam Level 2401 to 2500

I like the game overall. But when i want to start the game all over again it goes back to my old score from the deleted game. I deleted the game from my apps & then later download it again. But this happens each time.

Cookie Jam Level 2501 to 2600

Cookie Jam is by far my favorite game. My only complaint is that I don’t understand why they put free coins on the prize wheel. They will not let you land on them. Either take the coins off, or make it where you can actually land on them. Cookie Jam Ratings

Cookie Jam Level 2601 to 2700

The prizes aren’t great. It would be nice if you could get powerups now and then! Pastry bags, rolling pin, wooden spoon. You’re very stingy with those!

Cookie Jam Level 2701 to 2800

Cookie Jam Ratings

Cookie Jam Rating

I enjoy the challenges. Be aware of the suggestions to use your helpers…the game gradually becomes harder.

Cookie Jam Level 2801 to 2900

Honestly it relieves my stress. Meaning when i have soo many problems racing thru my head at the same time feeling like im about to burst so i start my game n it distracts me so much so the i forgot all that on going drama within my life! Cookie Jam Ratings

Cookie Jam Level 2901 to 3000

I enjoy this game but could someone please tell me what the oven mitts are used for? The rolling pin, pastry bag, wooden spoon blink when you can use them. Never seen that with the oven mitt, so if anyone can tell me their purpose, that would be great. Thanks

Cookie Jam Level 3001 to 3100

The amount of free play is insane. Just today I played for 2 hours and still have 6 hours left. Who can play that long. 2am I’m going to bed

Cookie Jam Level 3101 to 3200

I love challenges so I apply myself with, when others get above my level.I’m currently on level 4716 and in the VIP section.

Cookie Jam Level 3201 to 3300

love the game but should have a choice of updating not happy second no third as much as I love the game will delete. That’s my Cookie Jam Ratings

Cookie Jam Level 3301 to 3400

I love this game! However I’ve been playing it for about 2 weeks now on this device. I’ve been a player way longer than this just now downloading it to this device. Cookie Jam Ratings – But for like the past week the game will black out. Everything will still be in motion when it comes to but I have to lock my phone and unlock it just for the blackout to be over. I checked to see if it was time for an update but the most recent one was the 13th. Cookie Jam Ratings

Cookie Jam Level 3401 to 3500

Cookie Jam Ratings
Cookie Jam Ratings

Cookie Jam Boosters

I like the game BUT once you fill the pig bank it costs money to open it. Then lvl 120 is so glitchy its impossible one and sometimes 3 spaces won’t fill.

Cookie Jam Level 3501 to 3600

I love the game but there are so many pop ups in between levels, and, it freezes constantly on me. I’ve reported it numerous times but I usually have to close the game and start again. Cookie Jam Ratings – It doesn’t matter what system such as computer, phone, etc. I do like that it often gives you free play time, most other games don’t.

Cookie Jam Level 3601 to 3700

I love this game, but I never get my daily free time. It will say you get 30 free minutes, but it never give it. http://www.fatpigtheplay.com/cookie-jam-5-star-reviews/ Plus it will say I get a free prize, but it never gives that. Just so much wrong with this game. I hope this update fixes it!

Cookie Jam Level 3701 to 3800

Cookie Jam Ratings – Love the game!! But hate how I can’t see how many of each booster I have as far as rolling pin, oven mitten, icing or wooden spoon. I only know when I’m out

Cookie Jam Level 3801 to 3900

I like playing the game but I have yet to get the coins when spinning the daily wheel. It seems to either speed up to the next item or slow down before it gets there.

Cookie Jam Level 3901 to 4000

Game wasn’t really my thing but it seemed pretty fun it’s more for younger kids that like playing somewhat cartoonist game which this was pretty cool but not for my taste – Cookie Jam Ratings

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Great time killer, very addictive Can be frustrating when stuck on a level for weeks on end but they seem to have fixed that glitch. The in app purchase ads are a bit annoying. Literally several with each and every level.

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