New Word Connect 5 star Reviews

Word Connect – awesome, good brain activity, stimulates my mind, enjoyable, addictive good, fun loving, I love the new point system. The new challenges are super fun. I love the theme challenges. Great point rewards. The Christmas challenge promises to be even more exciting. Thank you for the extra points for Vale.

We will often do levels while we are waiting on food when we go out to eat to challenge each other. The weekend challenges are great. Awesome ! All I can say is, try it . WOW ! what a thrill. This game is addictive ! I have a hard time putting my phone down once I start . Expand your vocabulary by u.

My vocabulary has been improved 80% as well as my orthography. My memory is much more clear (I’m 82 years old and mentally 30) Have you contemplate adding the pronunciation verbally? Think about it. Sara Cuellar md.

It improve our brain For all age groups from 5 5year old to 7 5year old more I love this game When the event comes It gives me great time to complete the game in limited days Then when their is race or challenge to complete in hr to get good rankings.

Awesome! !love this game. It is very stimulating and fun to play. Totally Awesome! . Still loving this name. This game is great for memory stimulation. Awesome, entertaining, and a great game to play. Totally Awesome! I highly recommend this game for Senior Citizens and All ages. Great mind game.

I love to spell and this is just so much fun. It can be addicting. Keep up the great work. It’s nice to be able to play this game since we have to self isolate with what is going on now. ❤😻👍. Its been awhile but this game is just great…I go on it when I’m home and that is for the last 6 weeks.

I have fallen in love with Word Connect. I love the word challenge and the rewards. I have played other word games, but Word Connect is by far my favorite. Try it, you will love it too!

fun and educational for mind still love it. 😊 still loving it. Still love this game. Helps memory. Great for waiting for long appts also. Keeping me busy with whats going on in the world. Love the challenge.

Its genius that game. I can stop playing and the best of all it have a dictionary as well. So if you see word that you never come across you can check its meaning.

I like this getting harder and harder each time I go but I like the one that really shows pictures too when you connect them but that’s what I thought I was getting and I got the wrong one that’s okay I like this game.

Great 👍 don’t know how or if my position can go to another phone I always have to start over from the beginning when I change phone numbers Still the game is a five.

Super easy when I first got it it was confusing then you get better and better when your bored I recommend you to play this game.

fabulous game, keeps Your Mind going!! I’ve been hooked on this for over two years!! Love it! Three Yrs and still playing!! Never will Quit!!

I enjoy the game lots. It makes me realise how bad my spelling has got with age. It doesn’t take people’s names which is a little annoying. Other than that it is great.

It helps me to relax the words are a bit like childish but I’m doing it any you see I’m an adult but I don’t mind ha ha.

Love it helps me with spelling. Keeps the brain alive. Lots of levels to enjoy. More levels the tougher the words.

keeps the mind active but don’t like adds sorry.instead of same worda all the time,would be nice to get a change. Fun & entertaining I sit for hours during the tournaments🤣🤣 lot’s of fun still playing.

I like to be challenged and forced to think hard and this game does that for me! Love it!!! A Lot !!!Live it !!! Even now !!! Always a challenge… kip Great fun as always!!! Just the best.Love it! Can’t beat it!!!

I love this game, and I love spelling words. I also like taking a word and see how many other words I can get from that one word. Thanks for this game. Stay safe, and take care all.

It is fun, although sometimes it asks for words that I have never heard of, like some asian, Arabian and European words for musical instruments and other words I would have not gotten with exception of by mistake. It’s annoying to keep refusing to pay for coins, I will never pay money for. I wish they would upgrade so you can opt out of being asked to pay for pretend coins. Would save me a lot of time, and make the game more fun. , thanks.

addictive and fun….keeps you thinking…new features…like an old friend….just keeps getting better….just updated…keeps your brain working…daily challenge is fun…great app….keeps your mind active…please consider shorter ads…and higher payouts, keeping battery life, in mind… thank the planes…please consider daily bonus of 120, minimum…thank you…good to keep mind off of other things…in this terrible time, a welcome distraction…please keep creating new level.

I love this game. It makes me think. Not to hard and not to easy. I’m getting tired of trying to play these game. It wont let you go on unless you play the money part. Have no interest in the money. They want you to keep playing something else and I dont want to.

This app comes in so clear, and the signal never gets disrupted, everything works fine, not one problem what’s so ever.theres only one thing that I hate, and that’s every time I finish a game a commercial comes on ,or I should say a AD.



New Bubble Witch 2 Saga 5 star Reviews

Bubble Witch 2 Saga – Love the new team bonus games. Only sad that when my tablet broke I lost all of the bonus pieces that I had collected when I had to switch to my phone to continue to be able to play. Also don’t like team challenge when I get stuck with people who block my way and it takes longer to win. Stopped play.

Nice game but u dont get points when play on other device it would be nice start were we leave off im starting over i contact the surport team.

I love this game it’s my most favorite game in the whole wide world, i used to play Bubble Witch 3 but then i stoped playing it, so yeah i graphics, i love the colors, i love the characters.

This is amazing ❤️ game this is the best game in this phone very good before this I play bubble witch 3 saga and now I see wow bubble witch 2 saga this is amazing ❤️ game I love and like this game in my free time I always play this game and the name of game is bubble witch 2 saga bye.

In the recent Star shower I lost 200 points somehow and I would like to get those points back in the Star Shower essay those poems for when I have a difficult game and I don’t know why they were taken now I’m down to 40 so if it’s possible please restore my points I love Bubble Witch 2 Saga is fun but I don’t like it when you all take points or remove awards that have been rightfully earned.

I can’t stop enjoying this game. Beating Morgona is my favorite part.l because i love boss games like this and Candy Mania Blast. I love these boss games. But the worst parts of the game are fropple, the three eyed frog, the black holes and the curse bubbles.

Fun, Fun Game!! Though this is a fun game, it can be very frustrating at times when one is stuck in a level. I miss the Tower but I enjoy the Bingo game. Will definitely keep on playing!!!! Can you describe what are the different things one needs to get rid of for Bingo? I only recognize the bats…the others??…beats me!!!

this one of the most interesting games I have played, but is repeatable out of 1000 games I played there is 50 that are the same but is very chalanchable, and what happened with city games? I was going to be the champion of the world, of course no offence you got good chalanches.

Awesome, best game ever especially during spooky season, lol. Imma big witchcraft fan and this is the perfect game for me. And I’m surprised how much this game has changed from the first bubble witch to the third bubble witch, that was a major update. But i still like the game either way.

Something is wrong with neros bingo it wont give me rewards its says I’m not connected to the internet please fix this I see others are having the same issues thank you.

I love it , it was nice I love to free the ghost with colourful bubbles I hope you will make another game like that! Bye sweet heart.

I’ve been playing since 2014 I believe and I can honostly say that I truly love this game. There’s nothing in the world I enjoy more but to play bubble witch 2 and 3 to be exact. So great job guys.

best game everl love it 🤩this game gives me hours of fun l absolutely love it…this game is addicting l play it to unwind, l play it to have fun ,l play it to pass time and the next thing I know l ‘ve been on here playing forever😂😂🤩😍😛😝😜😘😘september 11 2019 still loving the game.

this game is such a wonderful game for me and i love the spooky part of the game no falt or problem is to be found in this game it make my time useful.

Best game I’ve ever played best game I’ve ever played in my whole life it’s so and you have like a little white cat and it’s so cool it’s my favourite game and I like the witch hat and what she wears and it’s so cool I’m going to put five stars so people if you want to download Bubble Witch 2 Saga then get it because it’s awesome and you were money as well and I’m on level 10.

Again an awesome game but those banks got to go please your players have been asking for you guys to please take the banks away make us all happy happy happy! Thank you guys.

I love this game I have this game on my Samsung Galaxy E tablet but I’m on my cell phone now. I love watching the bubbles drop on the spiders and popping them I want to playing and playing this game.


New Angry Birds POP Bubble Shooter 5 star Reviews

Angry Birds POP Bubble Shooter – It is a match 3 game basically match the colors but then again I love all the angry Bird games I have them all it is unique in their own way famous very easy to learn a very easy to.

Angry Birds POP Bubble Shooter Level 1 to 100

It’s very fun, but sometimes I experience lag while playing some levels. Sometimes the bubbles hit the wrong spot even though I didn’t aim there. Maybe make some levels easier too. Anyways, I love this game! So fun and addictive!

Angry Birds POP Bubble Shooter Level 101 to 200

I love this game. I only wish that the boosters would be different more often. Usually the color ball comes up instead of the fire ball or something else. But this is a fun game.

Angry Birds POP Bubble Shooter Level 201 to 300

I love my game (BUT) what I DON’T like is having to keep paying for more and more just to get through the stages. I’m in level 734 already and I don’t entened to stop. I get so mad at those frigging pigs when they’re laughing at me so I laugh at them when I make them go splat.

Angry Birds POP Bubble Shooter Level 301 to 400

It is fun to play Angry Birds Pop Bubble Shooter . It has very interesting characters like Red , Bomb , Terence etc . It has new change in each and every level . I enjoy playing Angry Bird Pop Bubble Shooter.

Angry Birds POP Bubble Shooter Level 401 to 500

This is a good game. The only thing bad is. I played this game and then I got a new phone. When I got the game again it didn’t say have you played. it was a little bit bad.But don’t worry I still love this game.

Angry Birds POP Bubble Shooter Level 501 to 600

i love the game bn playing for 2yrs & every since yall did this costume junk now it wont let me play for the blue tickets its always saying updating new levels take the costume junk off & let me play for my blue tickets thank u

Angry Birds POP Bubble Shooter Level 601 to 700

Really enjoy playing this game! Especially playing as Zeta! She’s fun! I hope you guys keep her as a regular bird in the game as a member of the team!!!!

Angry Birds POP Bubble Shooter Level 701 to 800

Love playing it , Adicting , But it is taking for ever to Dowmload this Damn Update ??????I would like to play awhile BUT its pissing me off ????TAKING WAY TO LONG

Angry Birds POP Bubble Shooter Level 801 to 900

I Really Like Game I Know That This Game Is good all of these critical reviews on your game don’t know what are barn is keep your good happy work up all these people That rated it bad need to go to a wall school because that is not nice to rate this game games bad ok.

Angry Birds POP Bubble Shooter Level 901 to 1000

Fun. If you need more lives go into your phone settings in and change the day to the next day click ok go back into angry birds game and lifes are refilled. Go back into your settings and click manual time

Angry Birds POP Bubble Shooter Level 1001 to 1100

i am having a hard time getting into the game please help me out why can’t I get on my game i am having trouble getting on with my Facebook account please help me out


Panda Pop

New Panda Pop Bubble Shooter 5 star Reviews

Panda Pop – This is mind challenging and so much fun to play,I love it,but the farther you go it gets to be too hard and if you are down to one or two,it will not give you the color of balls you need,I’ve played one game for 5 days,and then I just want to quit

I am really loving this game the excitement and the challenges. Has become my number one game.This is my number one. EXCELLENT LOVE THE GAME!

I like that a classic old megatouch game has been created to not have a thousand commercial ads and has the oriental art theme enjoy the most I love Asian art n lifestyle it’s pure n loyal for some reason . It’s very enjoyable ty

Great game. I’ve actually played this game at least since 2015. The art style is adorable and has a lot of personality. Thank you panda pop keep up the great work!

Love the game! Candy Crush kept freezing my phone and I was continuously having to uninstall and reinstall; not Panda Pop! It works great!

Love Panda Pop! They have great challenges and their are numerous times to advance or play for an hour unlimited. Love it!

excellent! so well done….yay California!I really liked the Christmas one too.Its nice when they change for the seasons….Variety.Just dont change the cuteness of the pandas! Still excellent!Do surfing pandas with Beach Boys music….Just a suggestion.Still excellent.

QUESTION!! How do i make panda pals ?? I go to my profile page click panda pals then it says choose 3 pals to appear in your game. But none of them are light up, cant click any. And it doesn’t tell me how. But ive loved this game for many years now. Dabm u think sence 2014 I’ve been playing off and on.

Love this game it’s exciting you feeli ng happy when play Panda Pop, you just don’t it to end you want to go on and on every spare time I get I play Panda pop LOVE THIS GAME

Pada pop is so fun I am so happy when I win and whenI lose I don’t like it but you only live once oh and I don’t like when you have to wait for more life’s

I just started playing tonight but so far I like it a lot.😁. I’m still having a great time. Still trying to learn what, where, and how, but I’m having a blast doing it.

love the game . would love to learn how to collect more coiins. do not understand the garden but, the ads are still freezing. l have to turn my tablet off and start all over again. when iam just about to win it will freeze and game il start over. l dont get any coins anymore even though i am winning levels. please explain th garden.

Great Game,,It keeps me occupied,,,,,, it helps clear my mind And it keeps the blood pressure down by relaxing the mind and body you get to play against other players without confrontation and you can multitask while playing this game because,,,,,, you can stop playing whenever you want to and come play again and be on the Same level.

I got to the top after a bit of a struggle. I feel the win will be fulfilling in teo ways , its a part of a deal that gets me a gift card if they don’t honor what they say. they’ll have a hard time fixing their server! ThisPanda game iz the zhizzels though Challenging and keeps you engaged with meaningful accolades so yoos can brag on F B or yoos friends …..I’m just sayiin…….dowload it keep busy and stay home!!!good people

Fun especially to play with younger kids. Kind of slow for adults but great to play if you are not looking for a game you have to keep up with and if in a drs waiting room you can play with the little kids and help give the parents a little break in keeping everyone quiet and entertained.

I enjoy playing panda pop. There have been a couple of issues regarding purchase where I have not received. Also sometimes the game shoots by itself and runs my game out. It’s gets kinda frustrating. Other than that it is a fun thing to past time when waiting somewhere.

This is absolutely my favorite game. Its so much fun….even tho some levels are very hard. Im on level 482, so i have a long way to go. But i plan on beating every level. Thanx for this great game.

Super cute and fun game. It would be cool for kids to play this of course that’s who it’s made for but you do learn some strategy with this game. Great game. No crashes or glitches ever.

Panda Pop by Jam City is a fun game; can be enjoyed by kids + adults, and the graphics are super cute! ‘Unleashing the Dragon’ is really fun! Levels get harder around lvl 50.

Panda Pop is fun and challenging. I’ve shown many family members and friends this game and they all play now too. My mom is more addicted than I to Panda Pop. She loves this game!

fun…addicting…I recently had 2 make a new fb cuz my old 1 was hacked & cuz of this lost all my progress & the support team was great & fixed it right away

Pleasant puzzle to zone out to…feel slightly bad when I lose because I don’t want the bad boon to eat the baby pandas!lol

Candy Crush Saga

Updated 20 Candy Crush Saga Comments

Candy Crush Saga Comments – Interesting on the game enjoy with game ..joyfull ..come the game much interesting confusion the game .playing with game ..drawn the won the game.

Candy Crush Saga Level 4001 to 4100

I love this game. I’ve spent a lot of money here. However the in game boosters are hard to get unless you pay. The vine or whatever it’s called says you can play again in 28 hours yet it never comes back unless I uninstall and reinstall

Candy Crush Saga Level 4101 to 4200

I enjoy almost everything, but think the chocolate box should have its own icon on the same screen as the trophy, etc; on the right side. Would make the game even more user friendly. Love the levels and race competition.

Candy Crush Saga Level 4201 to 4300

I absolutely love this game I’m playing this game for many years but the update is not right. Before this update if you had turn on a level and if you want to go back it would take you to levels without losing a life. But with this pathetic update you can’t go back and of you go you will have to quit and lose a life. Please consider this and bring it back as it was before.

Candy Crush Saga Level 4301 to 4400

Loved the game the way it is! My friends used to play this from very beginning but I had never played this untill now. And I am now glad that I am playing this and also discovering new things in this game. Sure, a good try!

Candy Crush Saga Level 4401 to 4500

This is a great game, it keeps you busy and it is very fun. It is something new everytime. From easy to complicated. I do recommend this game to anyone looking for a game that will keep them busy.

Candy Crush Saga Level 4501 to 4600

The game is very time consuming and good for the brain, but I have a concern I used the hand on my last move to pass the board and it counted it as my last move I thought when you use a good it doesn’t count as a move.

Candy Crush Saga Level 4601 to 4700

I like this game because it makes me think about what I can do and what options that I have you have to think very carefully on what to do on the challenging levels and may hav to use powerups.

Candy Crush Saga Level 4701 to 4800

I have been playing this game for more than 10 years and now suddenly the application cannot be open. If I uninstall it and install it again all my savings will be lost. Like lollipop 🍭 etc… what shall I do?

Candy Crush Saga Level 4801 to 4900

nice game but it searched always for wifi with a pause. This is my review in 2019 but now in 2020 my experience is good and also thanks to candy crush team for giving unlimited lives during Lockdown.

Candy Crush Saga Level 4901 to 5000

Every thing was perfect untill level 104 it’s so hard their why so much jelly and less amount of moves i call that being wicked i like the new update it’s nice it keeps me relaxed also when u start to play u can NEVER stop.

Candy Crush Saga Level 5001 to 5100

When u provide gift as boosters please don’t give us the boosters for some time like 30 mins etc..just provide the boosters in our collection so that we can use where ever we want.

Candy Crush Saga Level 5101 to 5200

I’m enjoying the game, but I don’t like the way I have to pay for the gold that I’ve already won by completing the different levels of the game.

Candy Crush Saga Level 5201 to 5300

Currently stuck on level 4397 so that says a lot about my game play and boredom lol, some levels including my current level are hard as hell and can take WEEKS to pass the damn level but I’ve gotten this far so far and I’m Gunn i ng for 5000 just another 693 levels to go and I join the 5000 club woohoo.

Candy Crush Saga Level 5301 to 5400

I started playing Candy Crush Ssga when it first came out and then I stopped. I saw it advertised on the TV and I decided to download it again. So far I am enjoying it alot.

Candy Crush Saga Level 5401 to 5500

It’s really fantastic. Firstly I download it for only passing the time but I appreciate for this game. Thanku for be my a type of partner. Thanks to whom who made this game.

Candy Crush Saga Level 5501 to 5600

Hey there family listen to this this is a fun game to play with me and others try it you will truly like this game. I rate these things because the game changes somewhat. I do enjoy SAGA.

Candy Crush Saga Level 5601 to 5700

This app is greatest in the world there is no ads and it is good for brain and is enjoyable but 1 problem that some buttons work online. Relaxing and mind teasing, interesting to play…. Love it…

Candy Crush Saga Level 5701 to 5800

Candidate update on your mind for believeing that you the games player, who’s mind’s is on frist placed you are right about being in the race trying to play for that Winn, I’m amazed that you the games players, didn’t believed that you?, All was in first placed in your buetiful Little’s mind’set ways, don’t believe that you?, Wrong again for thinking about bull’s mass up, I Lloyd Hinton is trying to get on top of players that are closed to first class in first placed, I will see you soon?

Candy Crush Saga Level 5801 to 5900

This game is really awesome it brings new intresting levels and as its said that it’s endless so it actually brings enough of curiosity to play more to atleast check the end😜 the boosters and competitions make this even better… but i gave it a star less bcz it needs regular updates to open new stages… apart frm this it’s the best game.

Candy Crush Saga Level 5901 to 6000

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Candy Crush Saga

20 Marvelous Candy Crush Saga Ratings

Candy Crush Saga Ratings – This is honestly still as good as I remembered, please make more games king games like these, these are honestly the most addicting games I could play 10/10 would recomend. 🙂

Candy Crush Saga Level 2001 to 2100

Bring back sugar drops and Didi and Rami. Being as we’re all under stay at home orders we need things to do. When we need our games the most you took away the extra things. Support stay at home bring back sugar drops.

Candy Crush Saga Level 2101 to 2200

The game is very interesting but at the same time it is putting you under the pressure as you pass the levels and it gets much more harder.

Candy Crush Saga Level 2201 to 2300

I love this game. But I have two huge complaints. In-app purchases rarely come through on my game even though I paid for it so I don’t trust this app anymore for purchases. Secondly, the stupid hints come on when they want to and it drive me CRAZY. I hate hints and I do have them turned off in my setting as they have been for YEARS. Fix it, PLEASE.

Candy Crush Saga Level 2301 to 2400

The game is awesome but I’m giving three stars just because of the move hints feature… It’s so irritating… It would be better if the hints show after a few seconds of inactivity… In the current scenario the hints are showing immediately and the worst part is there is no option to turn it off.

Candy Crush Saga Level 2401 to 2500

This game gets very expensive. You get stuck on hard levels that constantly need to reshuffle because there are no more moves to be made. Then when you decide to use up all your lives and bonuses, it takes a long time to get back to where you once were.

Candy Crush Saga Level 2501 to 2600

After just updating the game when trying to watch a video to get extra spins or extra bonuses after doing a level the game just restarts itself everytime ???

Candy Crush Saga Level 2601 to 2700

I’m enjoying Candy Crush a lot, however I just got a new phone and my game status transferred through Facebook but none of my awards or boosters did. I hate starting over!

Candy Crush Saga Level 2701 to 2800

Levels Are Very Difficult…Please Reduce the life timing..some levels are not easy…that time i will get very angry….please life time reduce..example…5 miniuets somthing.

Candy Crush Saga Level 2801 to 2900

The game is simple yet challenging. I like it of course, it gives me intense feeling when playing this game. In terms on my rate, I only give 3 stars because I am not satisfied with the maximum heart, I wish to suggest in increasing its heart/life for more intense gaming because I felt like not really enjoying it sometimes cuz of minimal given life.

Candy Crush Saga Level 2901 to 3000

It is fun but I don’t like that you win gold bars and then you want me to buy them from my piggy bank. That sucks and if I beat a level without using a booster I should be rewarded.

Candy Crush Saga Level 3001 to 3100

I don’t know, I like the app, but it’s confusing at times. I feel there’s a lack of consistency in the rules/system-of-play, which is frustrating, in the bad kind of way. I’ve only been playing CCS for about two weeks, so I might someday return and change my review if all starts to make sense.

Candy Crush Saga Level 3101 to 3200

What’s the point of playing a game that gives you a hint about the next move immediately after you made your last move. It’s basically the computer playing, but I’m just actually making the moves for it. Ridiculous! I tried the suggestion to turn hints off and it didn’t work.

Candy Crush Saga Level 3201 to 3300

Cool game. However I like to save my boosters for when I really need them and if your not careful the game will automatically select them before you start the game even after you’ve unchecked them. It’s highly annoying.

Candy Crush Saga Level 3301 to 3400

Fun but time consuming but I like it so. E level is very hard and requires gold or to by gold with real money to pass so I will probably quit the game once I reach them.

Candy Crush Saga Level 3401 to 3500

I love this game but I don’t like partiality between mobile users and window 10 users by levels gap And also I don’t like that when some contests or events or challenges.

Candy Crush Saga Level 3501 to 3600

Not a bad way to kill time. Wish there were rewards for extra time more often or better yet trying to help people who ask for lives, as that is the most difficult thing to see or do. Please fix this huge problem.

Candy Crush Saga Level 3601 to 3700

I dont like waiting for a life 30min. Its almost like no one that is playing knows that the little images with a heart sign at the bottom of each game is there to give people a life to play. This should be in the info about life notices.

Candy Crush Saga Level 3701 to 3800

This game is too good.i like to play this game but this new update suck me…becuase you can’t go back to home screen when you select any level.if you do that,then you will lose your life.

Candy Crush Saga Level 3801 to 3900

If you dont watch the videos or pay for boosters they put you in position to lose and then compare you to others doing better to rub it in your face and add to the frustration.

Candy Crush Saga Level 3901 to 4000

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Candy Crush Saga

New Candy Crush Saga 5 star Reviews

Candy Crush Saga – Fun game I’m on level 2738. It’s anything but relaxing. It gets very frustrating when you get up on the higher levels to win. You can stay on one level for weeks or a month. I have quit the game two or three times and on installed it it’s so frustrating. That keep reinstalling hoping that may be I can win the level this time. lol

Candy Crush Saga Level 1 to 100

Nice way to kill your spare time. I was somewhere over 2500 level. But bad luck ! After last upgrade , the game don’t work anymore on my 7 years old Samsung Tab 2 tablet. So, bye-bye Saga. But I can’t help wondering, why such a simple puzzle game should be loaded with unnecessary side efects that on.

Candy Crush Saga Level 101 to 200

This game is amazing! It is a great game for you and your kid/kids to have lots of fun spending time together. If you have never played a game like this before you might be a bit confused. You have to swap candy’s and get three in a row or more! This game can be addicting but in a good way.

Candy Crush Saga Level 201 to 300

An excellent game I m playing this game till my childhood days I m crossed 7 ,000 levels and I can’t feel bored, new updated , challenges keep me hooked to play this game. Overall a perfect game.

Candy Crush Saga Level 301 to 400

This is one my favorite games so I can relax.So I say stop doing and reading this and download this game right now!It doesn’t have any glitches on mine and you can play some other people’s levels and get some power ups ,also there are some races and get golden bars!I really enjoy this game and I say you totally download this!

Candy Crush Saga Level 401 to 500

The greatest games ever!!! Why someone could said nightmarishly hard level takes for a few days to solve? Nightmarishly hard level is not as hard like that. I solve it only in 3 lives though. Only noob player said like that. Every day I solve the levels at least ten levels. So easy and relaxing.

Candy Crush Saga Level 501 to 600

It is a very good game. I loved it. You can also play it as a stress buster game. I really enjoying this great game. I love the voices of crushing candies. I recommend you to download the game. It is really a game that deserves 4 to 5 stars in my opinion. Again I love it.

Candy Crush Saga Level 601 to 700

Love it. It keeps getting better. I’ve played from the beginning more than once. My first time was without internet. As you can imagine, I got a couple less gold crowns then. LOL. Each time I started over, the updates were more spectacular. Great fun!

Candy Crush Saga Level 701 to 800

I am at level 1400 in candy crush. Now the levels are so hard that it gets difficult to clear them. Plus you have life restruction if 5 lives. If posible please remove life restriction after a certain level and give infinite lives. Else ppl may lose interest in the game.

Candy Crush Saga Level 801 to 900

Candy crush saga is so fun I started yerstday and I released how fun is it When u play you get to race against people to see who can get the highest level the fastest and it gives you lots of stuff to keep playing and saying active on the game I love it I use to play this game when I was 6-8 years old and I didn’t really like it till now candy crush has help me lose stress and help my anxiety about this coronavirus If u want to enjoy your time at home I advise you to download this app be safe.

Candy Crush Saga Level 901 to 1000

Very addictive, I play games to keep my mind active and can be used off line as well as on. This covers all bases. And most of all its enjoyable, with levels set at the correct levels.

Candy Crush Saga Level 1001 to 1100

This game is so wonderful and addictive too.( in a good way 😅) I am also surprised that it doesn’t eat a lot of data. The only problem I have is that you have to pay most of the time in order to get gold bars but besides that, it’s great.

Candy Crush Saga Level 1101 to 1200

Well the game is bit challenging but it is very fun but the problem is if you pass a hard level they would give you tickets to unlock a reward put you have to pay for it.

Candy Crush Saga Level 1201 to 1300

First off I want to say Thank you for the week of unlimited lives it was a great gift, that being said I don’t understand why I am always losing the boosts I earn before I even get a chance to use them. That really needs to change.

Candy Crush Saga Level 1301 to 1400

Great game. Still a good distraction. Game is more challenging at higher levels, but not impossible. You will likely have to spend money at some point to be successful on some levels.

Candy Crush Saga Level 1401 to 1500

This game is so addictive, trust me. I so so love it. But some levels can be really heartbreaking, but it boosts your determination to achieve more.

Candy Crush Saga Level 1501 to 1600

This is probably one of the best games I’ve had you can play whenever and they is no ads which is amazing! You should definitely get this app!

Candy Crush Saga Level 1601 to 1700

Very nice game and the others have been great to have been in my league of school for a while but they are still going on a long time so i’m going on the team to play with my friends in a couple weeks or more so I’m sure that I can make it again for my team to be a good player.

Candy Crush Saga Level 1701 to 1800

I have started the game and it is very interesting but I want Free time in game to play I want 24 hour to play than I can complete the more faster than older and the events are very interesting but I want more events because more events means more enjoyment.

Candy Crush Saga Level 1801 to 1900

We hope you’re having fun playing Candy Crush Saga! We update the game every week so don’t forget to download the latest version to get all the sweet new features and levels! New to the game? Don’t be shy, join the fun! Coming back after a break? About time! Let’s play!

Candy Crush Saga Level 1901 to 2000

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Cookie Jam

Updated 20 Cookie Jam Comments

Cookie Jam Comments – Game is fun. As expected with a match 3, some levels are ridiculously easy, others hard. The only thing, so far that I absolutely hate. The game forces you to play in portrait mode only. You can’t even turn it upside down in portrait mode! This is also annoying to play this mode while charging your device! Please don’t tell me to turn my tablet! Not everyone plays on a phone! I play games on my tablet, as I have no phone and prefer landscape mode. Which is what tablets are made to be viewed in.

Cookie Jam Level 4001 to 4100

I love playing my game I’m on level eight hundred and something and it’s needing an update and it’s not letting me update it and I can’t go and play really making me upset because I’m going to lose my streak what can I do I had a 5 but I think I’m going to take it down to it three please get it fixed so I can play and then I’ll take it back up to a five.

Cookie Jam Level 4101 to 4200

Had a blast. Haven’t played a game this fun in a long time. I think everyone should have a chance to see what you did when you came out with this game.

Cookie Jam Level 4201 to 4300

The bottom where my boosters appear is hidden can’t get to the bottom of screen where they appear but no problem playing on laptop only my phone that’s crazy it’s only game that does that . Tried zooming out and didn’t change it. Please offer solution

Cookie Jam Level 4301 to 4400

This makes the second time I have completed the balloon race and have not gotten the rewards I completed 20 levels in time and get nothing.

Cookie Jam Level 4401 to 4500

I am almost at level 4000 and I find that this game has,a tendency to cheat. Sometimes when I use a resource, whether I earn it or buy it, to make a level winning move, it doesn’t do what it is supposed to do. It shows the resource as used and I loose the game and any rewards I would have won by com…

Cookie Jam Level 4501 to 4600

I wonder why come I can’t win any tokens on this game or coins whatever you want to call it I only get tokens when I first started this game it’s different from my other phones. Like the game is good for my concentration and my ability to see the movie before it’s made to defeat the level but sometime it freezes up on me while I’m playing the game but on the other hand it’s a good game I like it don’t like the flaws in it but I like it

Cookie Jam Level 4601 to 4700

i really like this game. im at level 1554 and there is a glitch. so i updated app last night. its still the same glitch today. please fix so i can get to the next level. thanks.

Cookie Jam Level 4701 to 4800

Fun version of the popular match 3 games, with amusing graphics, challenging levels, worthwhile bonuses and helpful boosters.

Cookie Jam Level 4801 to 4900

I’m on level 1394 and it says to upgrade and when I hit upgrade it takes me back to install and I don’t want to lose the level so do I hit install again. Don’t know what to don’t want to lose the level.

Cookie Jam Level 4901 to 5000

i like the game the one thing I don’t belong to Facebook so for some reason I don’t get all my coins nor do I get my percentage of my friends nor do they get mine go to my friends that I’ve invited and they did load thru the passage i sent to them

Cookie Jam Level 5001 to 5100

Good game. Problem that i have got with the game is that when I am busy playing and someone phone then the game restart again

Cookie Jam Level 5101 to 5200

Works great until t says I have to update. I have no room on my phone to update so am not able any longer. Will.miss my Cookie Jam.

Cookie Jam Level 5201 to 5300

I like this game, but I can’t use the helpers on the bottom of the screen on the Google Pixel XL 3. Is there a way to get out of the full screen?

Cookie Jam Level 5301 to 5400

Well I started playing this game cause I was told if I get to level 25 I’d get a gift card well I’m on 175 plus and still haven’t got a gift card ?

Cookie Jam Level 5401 to 5500

I was almost at level 1700 and it got erased off by mistake and it couldn’t b out back on u should have a app that could get things like that back up

Cookie Jam Level 5501 to 5600

it’s ok, I’m not much of a gamer the problem is every time I want to play I have to sit through another update?! I mean enough already!.

Cookie Jam Level 5601 to 5700

I love my cookie jam game but it needs updated but have ni storage can we bt pass the update i just want to play my game

Cookie Jam Level 5701 to 5800

disappointed that you changed the piggy bank from 60 to 30. now it costs twice as much for the same amount of bars. think I will stop buying them all together now

Cookie Jam Level 5801 to 5900

I hope you like it. Okay I thought even though well?. I think so. The most important part is I have know it. Just once in the first place. Well I’m just that it. It’s not very kinder than solid a only different colors.

Cookie Jam Level 5901 to 6000

Fun for the kids and the family have a wonderful time with it and your good to go for the best for the new year and I have fun.

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Cookie Jam

20 Useful Cookie Jam Ratings Marvelous

Cookie Jam Ratings

Overall the game is good. But it losing 1 star from me since there are too many hard and extreme level. I understand that you want this game to be more challenging but if a player had to repeat the same level more than several times plus with a lot of hard level and addition to it the extreme level. Cookie Jam Ratings

Cookie Jam Level 2001 to 2100

This game totally distracts me from everything going on the world. This game consumes my time in a good… wonderful way. I enjoy his game with its fun challenging levels.

Cookie Jam Level 2101 to 2200

Cookie Jam App

Have a great time playing this. Sometimes i slide right through and other times i have a tough time, but thats the excitement. Great game.

Cookie Jam Level 2201 to 2300

If you like Match 3, this one is perfectly serviceable. They all start to look alike, and this one won’t stand out from the 900 others on the Google Play store. Everything works smoothly, and I haven’t come across any bugs so far.

Cookie Jam Level 2301 to 2400

Cookie Jam Ratings – Better Than Candy Crush Hands Down. 👍 So much fun & has gotten better over the years. I like that the programmers made fun the priority over money. it seems that way to me. I haven’t had to buy any power ups or lives since they introduced the reward system for coming back daily. So many give aways.

Cookie Jam Level 2401 to 2500

I like the game overall. But when i want to start the game all over again it goes back to my old score from the deleted game. I deleted the game from my apps & then later download it again. But this happens each time.

Cookie Jam Level 2501 to 2600

Cookie Jam is by far my favorite game. My only complaint is that I don’t understand why they put free coins on the prize wheel. They will not let you land on them. Either take the coins off, or make it where you can actually land on them. Cookie Jam Ratings

Cookie Jam Level 2601 to 2700

The prizes aren’t great. It would be nice if you could get powerups now and then! Pastry bags, rolling pin, wooden spoon. You’re very stingy with those!

Cookie Jam Level 2701 to 2800

Cookie Jam Ratings

Cookie Jam Rating

I enjoy the challenges. Be aware of the suggestions to use your helpers…the game gradually becomes harder.

Cookie Jam Level 2801 to 2900

Honestly it relieves my stress. Meaning when i have soo many problems racing thru my head at the same time feeling like im about to burst so i start my game n it distracts me so much so the i forgot all that on going drama within my life! Cookie Jam Ratings

Cookie Jam Level 2901 to 3000

I enjoy this game but could someone please tell me what the oven mitts are used for? The rolling pin, pastry bag, wooden spoon blink when you can use them. Never seen that with the oven mitt, so if anyone can tell me their purpose, that would be great. Thanks

Cookie Jam Level 3001 to 3100

The amount of free play is insane. Just today I played for 2 hours and still have 6 hours left. Who can play that long. 2am I’m going to bed

Cookie Jam Level 3101 to 3200

I love challenges so I apply myself with, when others get above my level.I’m currently on level 4716 and in the VIP section.

Cookie Jam Level 3201 to 3300

love the game but should have a choice of updating not happy second no third as much as I love the game will delete. That’s my Cookie Jam Ratings

Cookie Jam Level 3301 to 3400

I love this game! However I’ve been playing it for about 2 weeks now on this device. I’ve been a player way longer than this just now downloading it to this device. Cookie Jam Ratings – But for like the past week the game will black out. Everything will still be in motion when it comes to but I have to lock my phone and unlock it just for the blackout to be over. I checked to see if it was time for an update but the most recent one was the 13th. Cookie Jam Ratings

Cookie Jam Level 3401 to 3500

Cookie Jam Ratings
Cookie Jam Ratings

Cookie Jam Boosters

I like the game BUT once you fill the pig bank it costs money to open it. Then lvl 120 is so glitchy its impossible one and sometimes 3 spaces won’t fill.

Cookie Jam Level 3501 to 3600

I love the game but there are so many pop ups in between levels, and, it freezes constantly on me. I’ve reported it numerous times but I usually have to close the game and start again. Cookie Jam Ratings – It doesn’t matter what system such as computer, phone, etc. I do like that it often gives you free play time, most other games don’t.

Cookie Jam Level 3601 to 3700

I love this game, but I never get my daily free time. It will say you get 30 free minutes, but it never give it. Plus it will say I get a free prize, but it never gives that. Just so much wrong with this game. I hope this update fixes it!

Cookie Jam Level 3701 to 3800

Cookie Jam Ratings – Love the game!! But hate how I can’t see how many of each booster I have as far as rolling pin, oven mitten, icing or wooden spoon. I only know when I’m out

Cookie Jam Level 3801 to 3900

I like playing the game but I have yet to get the coins when spinning the daily wheel. It seems to either speed up to the next item or slow down before it gets there.

Cookie Jam Level 3901 to 4000

Game wasn’t really my thing but it seemed pretty fun it’s more for younger kids that like playing somewhat cartoonist game which this was pretty cool but not for my taste – Cookie Jam Ratings

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Great time killer, very addictive Can be frustrating when stuck on a level for weeks on end but they seem to have fixed that glitch. The in app purchase ads are a bit annoying. Literally several with each and every level.

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