New Word Connect 5 star Reviews

Word Connect – awesome, good brain activity, stimulates my mind, enjoyable, addictive good, fun loving, I love the new point system. The new challenges are super fun. I love the theme challenges. Great point rewards. The Christmas challenge promises to be even more exciting. Thank you for the extra points for Vale.

We will often do levels while we are waiting on food when we go out to eat to challenge each other. The weekend challenges are great. Awesome ! All I can say is, try it . WOW ! what a thrill. This game is addictive ! I have a hard time putting my phone down once I start . Expand your vocabulary by u.

My vocabulary has been improved 80% as well as my orthography. My memory is much more clear (I’m 82 years old and mentally 30) Have you contemplate adding the pronunciation verbally? Think about it. Sara Cuellar md.

It improve our brain For all age groups from 5 5year old to 7 5year old more I love this game When the event comes It gives me great time to complete the game in limited days Then when their is race or challenge to complete in hr to get good rankings.

Awesome! !love this game. It is very stimulating and fun to play. Totally Awesome! . Still loving this name. This game is great for memory stimulation. Awesome, entertaining, and a great game to play. Totally Awesome! I highly recommend this game for Senior Citizens and All ages. Great mind game.

I love to spell and this is just so much fun. It can be addicting. Keep up the great work. It’s nice to be able to play this game since we have to self isolate with what is going on now. ❤😻👍. Its been awhile but this game is just great…I go on it when I’m home and that is for the last 6 weeks.

I have fallen in love with Word Connect. I love the word challenge and the rewards. I have played other word games, but Word Connect is by far my favorite. Try it, you will love it too!

fun and educational for mind still love it. 😊 still loving it. Still love this game. Helps memory. Great for waiting for long appts also. Keeping me busy with whats going on in the world. Love the challenge.

Its genius that game. I can stop playing and the best of all it have a dictionary as well. So if you see word that you never come across you can check its meaning.

I like this getting harder and harder each time I go but I like the one that really shows pictures too when you connect them but that’s what I thought I was getting and I got the wrong one that’s okay I like this game.

Great 👍 don’t know how or if my position can go to another phone I always have to start over from the beginning when I change phone numbers Still the game is a five.

Super easy when I first got it it was confusing then you get better and better when your bored I recommend you to play this game.

fabulous game, keeps Your Mind going!! I’ve been hooked on this for over two years!! Love it! Three Yrs and still playing!! Never will Quit!!

I enjoy the game lots. It makes me realise how bad my spelling has got with age. It doesn’t take people’s names which is a little annoying. Other than that it is great.

It helps me to relax the words are a bit like childish but I’m doing it any you see I’m an adult but I don’t mind ha ha.

Love it helps me with spelling. Keeps the brain alive. Lots of levels to enjoy. More levels the tougher the words.

keeps the mind active but don’t like adds sorry.instead of same worda all the time,would be nice to get a change. Fun & entertaining I sit for hours during the tournaments🤣🤣 lot’s of fun still playing.

I like to be challenged and forced to think hard and this game does that for me! Love it!!! A Lot !!!Live it !!! Even now !!! Always a challenge… kip Great fun as always!!! Just the best.Love it! Can’t beat it!!!

I love this game, and I love spelling words. I also like taking a word and see how many other words I can get from that one word. Thanks for this game. Stay safe, and take care all.

It is fun, although sometimes it asks for words that I have never heard of, like some asian, Arabian and European words for musical instruments and other words I would have not gotten with exception of by mistake. It’s annoying to keep refusing to pay for coins, I will never pay money for. I wish they would upgrade so you can opt out of being asked to pay for pretend coins. Would save me a lot of time, and make the game more fun. , thanks.

addictive and fun….keeps you thinking…new features…like an old friend….just keeps getting better….just updated…keeps your brain working…daily challenge is fun…great app….keeps your mind active…please consider shorter ads…and higher payouts, keeping battery life, in mind… thank the planes…please consider daily bonus of 120, minimum…thank you…good to keep mind off of other things…in this terrible time, a welcome distraction…please keep creating new level.

I love this game. It makes me think. Not to hard and not to easy. I’m getting tired of trying to play these game. It wont let you go on unless you play the money part. Have no interest in the money. They want you to keep playing something else and I dont want to.

This app comes in so clear, and the signal never gets disrupted, everything works fine, not one problem what’s so ever.theres only one thing that I hate, and that’s every time I finish a game a commercial comes on ,or I should say a AD.



New Bubble Witch 2 Saga 5 star Reviews

Bubble Witch 2 Saga – Love the new team bonus games. Only sad that when my tablet broke I lost all of the bonus pieces that I had collected when I had to switch to my phone to continue to be able to play. Also don’t like team challenge when I get stuck with people who block my way and it takes longer to win. Stopped play.

Nice game but u dont get points when play on other device it would be nice start were we leave off im starting over i contact the surport team.

I love this game it’s my most favorite game in the whole wide world, i used to play Bubble Witch 3 but then i stoped playing it, so yeah i graphics, i love the colors, i love the characters.

This is amazing ❤️ game this is the best game in this phone very good before this I play bubble witch 3 saga and now I see wow bubble witch 2 saga this is amazing ❤️ game I love and like this game in my free time I always play this game and the name of game is bubble witch 2 saga bye.

In the recent Star shower I lost 200 points somehow and I would like to get those points back in the Star Shower essay those poems for when I have a difficult game and I don’t know why they were taken now I’m down to 40 so if it’s possible please restore my points I love Bubble Witch 2 Saga is fun but I don’t like it when you all take points or remove awards that have been rightfully earned.

I can’t stop enjoying this game. Beating Morgona is my favorite part.l because i love boss games like this and Candy Mania Blast. I love these boss games. But the worst parts of the game are fropple, the three eyed frog, the black holes and the curse bubbles.

Fun, Fun Game!! Though this is a fun game, it can be very frustrating at times when one is stuck in a level. I miss the Tower but I enjoy the Bingo game. Will definitely keep on playing!!!! Can you describe what are the different things one needs to get rid of for Bingo? I only recognize the bats…the others??…beats me!!!

this one of the most interesting games I have played, but is repeatable out of 1000 games I played there is 50 that are the same but is very chalanchable, and what happened with city games? I was going to be the champion of the world, of course no offence you got good chalanches.

Awesome, best game ever especially during spooky season, lol. Imma big witchcraft fan and this is the perfect game for me. And I’m surprised how much this game has changed from the first bubble witch to the third bubble witch, that was a major update. But i still like the game either way.

Something is wrong with neros bingo it wont give me rewards its says I’m not connected to the internet please fix this I see others are having the same issues thank you.

I love it , it was nice I love to free the ghost with colourful bubbles I hope you will make another game like that! Bye sweet heart.

I’ve been playing since 2014 I believe and I can honostly say that I truly love this game. There’s nothing in the world I enjoy more but to play bubble witch 2 and 3 to be exact. So great job guys.

best game everl love it 🤩this game gives me hours of fun l absolutely love it…this game is addicting l play it to unwind, l play it to have fun ,l play it to pass time and the next thing I know l ‘ve been on here playing forever😂😂🤩😍😛😝😜😘😘september 11 2019 still loving the game.

this game is such a wonderful game for me and i love the spooky part of the game no falt or problem is to be found in this game it make my time useful.

Best game I’ve ever played best game I’ve ever played in my whole life it’s so and you have like a little white cat and it’s so cool it’s my favourite game and I like the witch hat and what she wears and it’s so cool I’m going to put five stars so people if you want to download Bubble Witch 2 Saga then get it because it’s awesome and you were money as well and I’m on level 10.

Again an awesome game but those banks got to go please your players have been asking for you guys to please take the banks away make us all happy happy happy! Thank you guys.

I love this game I have this game on my Samsung Galaxy E tablet but I’m on my cell phone now. I love watching the bubbles drop on the spiders and popping them I want to playing and playing this game.


New Angry Birds POP Bubble Shooter 5 star Reviews

Angry Birds POP Bubble Shooter – It is a match 3 game basically match the colors but then again I love all the angry Bird games I have them all it is unique in their own way famous very easy to learn a very easy to.

Angry Birds POP Bubble Shooter Level 1 to 100

It’s very fun, but sometimes I experience lag while playing some levels. Sometimes the bubbles hit the wrong spot even though I didn’t aim there. Maybe make some levels easier too. Anyways, I love this game! So fun and addictive!

Angry Birds POP Bubble Shooter Level 101 to 200

I love this game. I only wish that the boosters would be different more often. Usually the color ball comes up instead of the fire ball or something else. But this is a fun game.

Angry Birds POP Bubble Shooter Level 201 to 300

I love my game (BUT) what I DON’T like is having to keep paying for more and more just to get through the stages. I’m in level 734 already and I don’t entened to stop. I get so mad at those frigging pigs when they’re laughing at me so I laugh at them when I make them go splat.

Angry Birds POP Bubble Shooter Level 301 to 400

It is fun to play Angry Birds Pop Bubble Shooter . It has very interesting characters like Red , Bomb , Terence etc . It has new change in each and every level . I enjoy playing Angry Bird Pop Bubble Shooter.

Angry Birds POP Bubble Shooter Level 401 to 500

This is a good game. The only thing bad is. I played this game and then I got a new phone. When I got the game again it didn’t say have you played. it was a little bit bad.But don’t worry I still love this game.

Angry Birds POP Bubble Shooter Level 501 to 600

i love the game bn playing for 2yrs & every since yall did this costume junk now it wont let me play for the blue tickets its always saying updating new levels take the costume junk off & let me play for my blue tickets thank u

Angry Birds POP Bubble Shooter Level 601 to 700

Really enjoy playing this game! Especially playing as Zeta! She’s fun! I hope you guys keep her as a regular bird in the game as a member of the team!!!!

Angry Birds POP Bubble Shooter Level 701 to 800

Love playing it , Adicting , But it is taking for ever to Dowmload this Damn Update ??????I would like to play awhile BUT its pissing me off ????TAKING WAY TO LONG

Angry Birds POP Bubble Shooter Level 801 to 900

I Really Like Game I Know That This Game Is good all of these critical reviews on your game don’t know what are barn is keep your good happy work up all these people That rated it bad need to go to a wall school because that is not nice to rate this game games bad ok.

Angry Birds POP Bubble Shooter Level 901 to 1000

Fun. If you need more lives go into your phone settings in and change the day to the next day click ok go back into angry birds game and lifes are refilled. Go back into your settings and click manual time

Angry Birds POP Bubble Shooter Level 1001 to 1100

i am having a hard time getting into the game please help me out why can’t I get on my game i am having trouble getting on with my Facebook account please help me out