New Cookie Jam 5 star Reviews

I truly appreciate the challenges it is given me this is my main game of the 4 games i have on my phone Cookie jam is the best game you have out for some one like me.

Cookie Jam Level 1 to 100

Match 3 game with many twists that keep you working and thinking. Very good to keep your mind sharp. Have played for 2+ years now and still find stuff I didn’t know about!

Cookie Jam Level 101 to 200

The only thing I don’t like is if all five lives are gone you gave to wait for them to reload other than that I enjoy it to the fullest.

Cookie Jam Level 201 to 300

I like this game it’s fun and cute. My favorite part is when you got to help out the Lil gram bears and the hippos win I love how they laugh it’s so cute . Touch them and let go in 10 seconds and you can hear them laugh.

Cookie Jam Level 301 to 400

I really enjoyed the game but it did take me a while to get to 15 levels. It was amazing to try and get through each level, really enjoyed the game.

Cookie Jam Level 401 to 500

Top Cookie Jam Reviews

I enjoyed playing. there was a challenge it was not all simple . The color bright. The graphics was awesome . I wanted to play more. I will probably play this one at work with my friends and co workers. I like the display at the end of each level I beat. It calls Cookie jam out and wow it reminds me.

Cookie Jam Level 501 to 600

Love it. The best puzzle game ever. Very hard at times when you can’t buy in, but there is always a way out if you keep on trying. Good for the brain. Very addictive. So beautifully done with a lot of new things added all the time. Thanks to the developer that we can play, even without buying anything.

Cookie Jam Level 601 to 700

The perfect escape from the madness of everyday life. LOVE that this game does not freeze up and crash like the few others I have tried!

Cookie Jam Level 701 to 800

The game is awesome I had a lot of fun and I’m going to continue playing this game I want to get better and I think there should be a lot more upgrades for every other player but I still give it 5 stars.

Cookie Jam Level 801 to 900

Love the game and I play it everyday. Its very enjoyable to play. Some levels are tough but keep going and you will beat the strategy to move forward to higher levels.

Cookie Jam Level 901 to 1000

I love the game I just wish that the pets could make their last move when their charged even though I played my last move Several times I would have moved to the next game.

Cookie Jam Level 1001 to 1100

Very addictive can’t put down once I Start Played for 8 hours didn’t even Realize that I had been Playing that Long and Would have Played Much Longer if I hadn’t had to use the restroom.

Cookie Jam Level 1101 to 1200

Don’t start playing this unless you have plenty of idle time because if you like games then you are going to be hooked on this one.

Cookie Jam Level 1201 to 1300

Its fun and challenging. I don’t suggest playing it while you are hungry though. The islands and sweets look like something from Willy Wonka.

Cookie Jam Level 1301 to 1400

Cookie Jam
Cookie Jam 5 Star Reviews

Jam City continues to make this game more enjoyable everyday! There are thousands of levels to play & Special events including extra levels.

Cookie Jam Level 1401 to 1500

I enjoy some of the games but some of them are just boring they start off good and then they go into boring.

Cookie Jam Level 1501 to 1600

I think the hard levels should be more spread out other than that cookie jam is really fun and I have loved it ever since I started playing it.

Cookie Jam Level 1601 to 1700

Cookie jam is my favorite because it has a lot of worlds that I can play and I love the new cookie jam blast game because you can order your things to eat in chef Ginnys bakery and these 2 cookie jam match 3 games are super easy!

Cookie Jam Level 1701 to 1800

Awesomely fun I like the idea I’m making pastries and putting them together cookies and such all around fun game I really enjoy it

Cookie Jam Level 1801 to 1900

Love to play sometimes i don’t realize how much time i have played. Till i look at clock or get hungry or just stiff have family and friends that we play.

Cookie Jam Level 1901 to 2000

Fun to play with friends online just wish I could have more moves but that would only take the fun away.

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