New Bubble Witch 2 Saga 5 star Reviews

Bubble Witch 2 Saga – Love the new team bonus games. Only sad that when my tablet broke I lost all of the bonus pieces that I had collected when I had to switch to my phone to continue to be able to play. Also don’t like team challenge when I get stuck with people who block my way and it takes longer to win. Stopped play.

Nice game but u dont get points when play on other device it would be nice start were we leave off im starting over i contact the surport team.

I love this game it’s my most favorite game in the whole wide world, i used to play Bubble Witch 3 but then i stoped playing it, so yeah i graphics, i love the colors, i love the characters.

This is amazing ❤️ game this is the best game in this phone very good before this I play bubble witch 3 saga and now I see wow bubble witch 2 saga this is amazing ❤️ game I love and like this game in my free time I always play this game and the name of game is bubble witch 2 saga bye.

In the recent Star shower I lost 200 points somehow and I would like to get those points back in the Star Shower essay those poems for when I have a difficult game and I don’t know why they were taken now I’m down to 40 so if it’s possible please restore my points I love Bubble Witch 2 Saga is fun but I don’t like it when you all take points or remove awards that have been rightfully earned.

I can’t stop enjoying this game. Beating Morgona is my favorite part.l because i love boss games like this and Candy Mania Blast. I love these boss games. But the worst parts of the game are fropple, the three eyed frog, the black holes and the curse bubbles.

Fun, Fun Game!! Though this is a fun game, it can be very frustrating at times when one is stuck in a level. I miss the Tower but I enjoy the Bingo game. Will definitely keep on playing!!!! Can you describe what are the different things one needs to get rid of for Bingo? I only recognize the bats…the others??…beats me!!!

this one of the most interesting games I have played, but is repeatable out of 1000 games I played there is 50 that are the same but is very chalanchable, and what happened with city games? I was going to be the champion of the world, of course no offence you got good chalanches.

Awesome, best game ever especially during spooky season, lol. Imma big witchcraft fan and this is the perfect game for me. And I’m surprised how much this game has changed from the first bubble witch to the third bubble witch, that was a major update. But i still like the game either way.

Something is wrong with neros bingo it wont give me rewards its says I’m not connected to the internet please fix this I see others are having the same issues thank you.

I love it , it was nice I love to free the ghost with colourful bubbles I hope you will make another game like that! Bye sweet heart.

I’ve been playing since 2014 I believe and I can honostly say that I truly love this game. There’s nothing in the world I enjoy more but to play bubble witch 2 and 3 to be exact. So great job guys.

best game everl love it 🤩this game gives me hours of fun l absolutely love it…this game is addicting l play it to unwind, l play it to have fun ,l play it to pass time and the next thing I know l ‘ve been on here playing forever😂😂🤩😍😛😝😜😘😘september 11 2019 still loving the game.

this game is such a wonderful game for me and i love the spooky part of the game no falt or problem is to be found in this game it make my time useful.

Best game I’ve ever played best game I’ve ever played in my whole life it’s so and you have like a little white cat and it’s so cool it’s my favourite game and I like the witch hat and what she wears and it’s so cool I’m going to put five stars so people if you want to download Bubble Witch 2 Saga then get it because it’s awesome and you were money as well and I’m on level 10.

Again an awesome game but those banks got to go please your players have been asking for you guys to please take the banks away make us all happy happy happy! Thank you guys.

I love this game I have this game on my Samsung Galaxy E tablet but I’m on my cell phone now. I love watching the bubbles drop on the spiders and popping them I want to playing and playing this game.

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