New Panda Pop Bubble Shooter 5 star Reviews

Panda Pop – This is mind challenging and so much fun to play,I love it,but the farther you go it gets to be too hard and if you are down to one or two,it will not give you the color of balls you need,I’ve played one game for 5 days,and then I just want to quit

I am really loving this game the excitement and the challenges. Has become my number one game.This is my number one. EXCELLENT LOVE THE GAME!

I like that a classic old megatouch game has been created to not have a thousand commercial ads and has the oriental art theme enjoy the most I love Asian art n lifestyle it’s pure n loyal for some reason . It’s very enjoyable ty

Great game. I’ve actually played this game at least since 2015. The art style is adorable and has a lot of personality. Thank you panda pop keep up the great work!

Love the game! Candy Crush kept freezing my phone and I was continuously having to uninstall and reinstall; not Panda Pop! It works great!

Love Panda Pop! They have great challenges and their are numerous times to advance or play for an hour unlimited. Love it!

excellent! so well done….yay California!I really liked the Christmas one too.Its nice when they change for the seasons….Variety.Just dont change the cuteness of the pandas! Still excellent!Do surfing pandas with Beach Boys music….Just a suggestion.Still excellent.

QUESTION!! How do i make panda pals ?? I go to my profile page click panda pals then it says choose 3 pals to appear in your game. But none of them are light up, cant click any. And it doesn’t tell me how. But ive loved this game for many years now. Dabm u think sence 2014 I’ve been playing off and on.

Love this game it’s exciting you feeli ng happy when play Panda Pop, you just don’t it to end you want to go on and on every spare time I get I play Panda pop LOVE THIS GAME

Pada pop is so fun I am so happy when I win and whenI lose I don’t like it but you only live once oh and I don’t like when you have to wait for more life’s

I just started playing tonight but so far I like it a lot.😁. I’m still having a great time. Still trying to learn what, where, and how, but I’m having a blast doing it.

love the game . would love to learn how to collect more coiins. do not understand the garden but, the ads are still freezing. l have to turn my tablet off and start all over again. when iam just about to win it will freeze and game il start over. l dont get any coins anymore even though i am winning levels. please explain th garden.

Great Game,,It keeps me occupied,,,,,, it helps clear my mind And it keeps the blood pressure down by relaxing the mind and body you get to play against other players without confrontation and you can multitask while playing this game because,,,,,, you can stop playing whenever you want to and come play again and be on the Same level.

I got to the top after a bit of a struggle. I feel the win will be fulfilling in teo ways , its a part of a deal that gets me a gift card if they don’t honor what they say. they’ll have a hard time fixing their server! ThisPanda game iz the zhizzels though Challenging and keeps you engaged with meaningful accolades so yoos can brag on F B or yoos friends …..I’m just sayiin…….dowload it keep busy and stay home!!!good people

Fun especially to play with younger kids. Kind of slow for adults but great to play if you are not looking for a game you have to keep up with and if in a drs waiting room you can play with the little kids and help give the parents a little break in keeping everyone quiet and entertained.

I enjoy playing panda pop. There have been a couple of issues regarding purchase where I have not received. Also sometimes the game shoots by itself and runs my game out. It’s gets kinda frustrating. Other than that it is a fun thing to past time when waiting somewhere.

This is absolutely my favorite game. Its so much fun….even tho some levels are very hard. Im on level 482, so i have a long way to go. But i plan on beating every level. Thanx for this great game.

Super cute and fun game. It would be cool for kids to play this of course that’s who it’s made for but you do learn some strategy with this game. Great game. No crashes or glitches ever.

Panda Pop by Jam City is a fun game; can be enjoyed by kids + adults, and the graphics are super cute! ‘Unleashing the Dragon’ is really fun! Levels get harder around lvl 50.

Panda Pop is fun and challenging. I’ve shown many family members and friends this game and they all play now too. My mom is more addicted than I to Panda Pop. She loves this game!

fun…addicting…I recently had 2 make a new fb cuz my old 1 was hacked & cuz of this lost all my progress & the support team was great & fixed it right away

Pleasant puzzle to zone out to…feel slightly bad when I lose because I don’t want the bad boon to eat the baby pandas!lol

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