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Cookie Jam Comments – Game is fun. As expected with a match 3, some levels are ridiculously easy, others hard. The only thing, so far that I absolutely hate. The game forces you to play in portrait mode only. You can’t even turn it upside down in portrait mode! This is also annoying to play this mode while charging your device! Please don’t tell me to turn my tablet! Not everyone plays on a phone! I play games on my tablet, as I have no phone and prefer landscape mode. Which is what tablets are made to be viewed in.

Cookie Jam Level 4001 to 4100

I love playing my game I’m on level eight hundred and something and it’s needing an update and it’s not letting me update it and I can’t go and play really making me upset because I’m going to lose my streak what can I do I had a 5 but I think I’m going to take it down to it three please get it fixed so I can play and then I’ll take it back up to a five.

Cookie Jam Level 4101 to 4200

Had a blast. Haven’t played a game this fun in a long time. I think everyone should have a chance to see what you did when you came out with this game.

Cookie Jam Level 4201 to 4300

The bottom where my boosters appear is hidden can’t get to the bottom of screen where they appear but no problem playing on laptop only my phone that’s crazy it’s only game that does that . Tried zooming out and didn’t change it. Please offer solution

Cookie Jam Level 4301 to 4400

This makes the second time I have completed the balloon race and have not gotten the rewards I completed 20 levels in time and get nothing.

Cookie Jam Level 4401 to 4500

I am almost at level 4000 and I find that this game has,a tendency to cheat. Sometimes when I use a resource, whether I earn it or buy it, to make a level winning move, it doesn’t do what it is supposed to do. It shows the resource as used and I loose the game and any rewards I would have won by com…

Cookie Jam Level 4501 to 4600

I wonder why come I can’t win any tokens on this game or coins whatever you want to call it I only get tokens when I first started this game it’s different from my other phones. Like the game is good for my concentration and my ability to see the movie before it’s made to defeat the level but sometime it freezes up on me while I’m playing the game but on the other hand it’s a good game I like it don’t like the flaws in it but I like it

Cookie Jam Level 4601 to 4700

i really like this game. im at level 1554 and there is a glitch. so i updated app last night. its still the same glitch today. please fix so i can get to the next level. thanks.

Cookie Jam Level 4701 to 4800

Fun version of the popular match 3 games, with amusing graphics, challenging levels, worthwhile bonuses and helpful boosters.

Cookie Jam Level 4801 to 4900

I’m on level 1394 and it says to upgrade and when I hit upgrade it takes me back to install and I don’t want to lose the level so do I hit install again. Don’t know what to don’t want to lose the level.

Cookie Jam Level 4901 to 5000

i like the game the one thing I don’t belong to Facebook so for some reason I don’t get all my coins nor do I get my percentage of my friends nor do they get mine go to my friends that I’ve invited and they did load thru the passage i sent to them

Cookie Jam Level 5001 to 5100

Good game. Problem that i have got with the game is that when I am busy playing and someone phone then the game restart again

Cookie Jam Level 5101 to 5200

Works great until t says I have to update. I have no room on my phone to update so am not able to.play any longer. Will.miss my Cookie Jam.

Cookie Jam Level 5201 to 5300

I like this game, but I can’t use the helpers on the bottom of the screen on the Google Pixel XL 3. Is there a way to get out of the full screen?

Cookie Jam Level 5301 to 5400

Well I started playing this game cause I was told if I get to level 25 I’d get a gift card well I’m on 175 plus and still haven’t got a gift card ?

Cookie Jam Level 5401 to 5500

I was almost at level 1700 and it got erased off by mistake and it couldn’t b out back on u should have a app that could get things like that back up

Cookie Jam Level 5501 to 5600

it’s ok, I’m not much of a gamer the problem is every time I want to play I have to sit through another update?! I mean enough already!.

Cookie Jam Level 5601 to 5700

I love my cookie jam game but it needs updated but have ni storage can we bt pass the update i just want to play my game

Cookie Jam Level 5701 to 5800

disappointed that you changed the piggy bank from 60 to 30. now it costs twice as much for the same amount of bars. think I will stop buying them all together now

Cookie Jam Level 5801 to 5900

I hope you like it. Okay I thought even though well?. I think so. The most important part is I have know it. Just once in the first place. Well I’m just that it. It’s not very kinder than solid a only different colors.

Cookie Jam Level 5901 to 6000

Fun for the kids and the family have a wonderful time with it and your good to go for the best for the new year and I have fun.

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